Saturday 28 January 2012

Positivity 24-7

Hey people, forgive me for the long silence. Been trying to stabilize just like everyone else especially as a result of what had been happening in our great country.
I was accused by so many people of not using my social networks to insult our leaders and broadcast info on how much money they had been stealing and all the corruption. Truth is we all know the situation of things, so instead of spreading doom I decided to take time out and also criticize myself to see if I played a major role in what has become of Nigeria or not. I had to sit back and make sure I could be a part of the solution and not to waste my time outlining the problems. I had to sit back and determine the kind of message I would rather spread. I want to spread a message of hope for the future because that's all we have, the hope that comes from the knowledge of God and his love for Nigeria.
Evidence has shown that this country has been on the brink of another civil war but for some reason some ray of hope comes along and things seem to simmer down a bit. We are still standing and believing. We still find the strength to go out and hustle, we still watch tv and laugh, we still travel during Christmas, we still send our kids to school, we still sell our food stuff in the market and chat with Iya Monsura in the next shop. We are still rated as happy people in the face of chaos.
That shows me that God loves us and there is hope. I would like us all to hold on to that hope and try to find ways we can help our community no matter the capacity. Let us pray formour country Nigeria, there is no place like home and I will not despise my country on account of a few greedy people whom God will deal with.
My love and prayers to you all.
Love Stella (sda)

Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year !!!

Hey Loves,

Yay! Welcome to 2012!

May it be a year of success and blessings and may God continue to protect you and yours.

Also, this is the official launch of my blog .. So you can always come around to get first hand info on what I'm up to.


Love Stellz ...