Thursday 27 October 2016


I met Stephanie (Melanie Crane) in a hotel lobby in Ghana. I was about to get into the elevator when she walked up to me, said she recognized me and loved my work. I was very humbled not only because it’s always amazing to know that what I do inspires others but also because I was a bit shocked that a beautiful young lady would bother herself to walk up to me to and tell me how much she admires my work.

We can all agree that there is a very wrong notion people have of beautiful, classy women which is that they are arrogant, stuck up or cocky. So unconsciously, that is exactly how I felt when she walked up to me and i admit that it was wrong of me to feel that way. And much to my surprise, she was very nice, very friendly, very humble and we ended up exchanging numbers.
Even after I left Ghana, we continued to talk over the phone and we became very close, almost like sisters. We were so comfortable sharing our emotions with each other as well as encouraging each other.  

Thursday 6 October 2016


I watched an old movie called “AMISTAD” some days ago and even though I had seen the movie before, it all seemed fresh and very emotional to me. Honestly, I was not even sure if it was the kind of movie that should be shown at a time where it seems like slavery never left America.
Regardless of what was declared or what was agreed, slavery is still an essential part of the issues we are facing today. One might think that I am referring to physical slavery alone but the truth is that mental slavery is even more prevalent.