Thursday 8 September 2016

My Heart Breaks For This Generation

I have come to realize that there is no more innocence in the world.

I know some people will read that line and roll their eyes saying "Here we go again", but for the sake of this generation, we have to keep saying it.

The vulgarity, violence and sex that our children are exposed to has become simply ridiculous. Have you tried watching a movie with your kids recently? Even the so called ‘family movies’ still have some sort of hidden sexual connotations, and this generation of kids are smarter than we think so don’t sit there thinking “they don’t know what that means”.
Now, don’t even get me started with ‘Kids TV stations and music’ these days! They have lost their innocence, all of a sudden its acceptable to show kids shows making out?

I found an old episode of my diaries (Stella Damasus Diaries) on YouTube and I have decided to share it with you because I am hoping that it will inspire someone to start filtering what their kids are exposed to and take them back to a time were music, movies and TV shows for kids were more innocent.

Stella Damasus Diaries - Episode 3 : "Flashback: Television, Music & Home Remedies"