Thursday 28 July 2016


I was looking through my YouTube channel at the beginning of  the week, just to see what changes I can make and how I can improve the content on my channel. Doing this once in a while really helps me know how far I have come and where I want to be. 

As I was scrolling through, I found one of my favorite episodes of STELLA DAMASUS DIARIES. This particular episode resonates with so many women especially wives who have similar stories.
There are a lot of women out there who are struggling with their decisions, identity, responsibilities and purpose. 

Thursday 21 July 2016

Meet Simone Myrie (Author of Life of An Illegal Immigrant)

Simone (my Jamaican sister) as I like to call her, is a good friend and a woman I respect and hold in very high regard, not just because of her accomplishments but also because of all the humanitarian work she is doing.

She is the first BLACK IMMIGRANT to grace the cover of THE INDIE ARTISTS Magazine and is also about to receive a ton of awards in NEW YORK for all the amazing work that she does. 

Thursday 14 July 2016


If someone walks up to you and asks you, "what is the meaning of the word WOMAN?", what will your immediate answer be?
It is easy to define the word Banker, Aunty, Girlfriend, Husband, Cup, but how easy is it to define WOMAN?

People have tried to describe her, label her, understand her, put her in a box, handle her, fix her, measure her, define her and some have even tried to recreate her?

As simple as the word WOMAN is, everyone has a different definition.

Thursday 7 July 2016


I am one of those who have complained over the years about the lack of good, clean and high quality entertainment for our children. 
As shocking as it may seem I had to get my children off some "SO CALLED KIDS CARTOON AND ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELS". The violence that I see in some of these cartoons is gradually becoming more morbid than that on normal channels.