Thursday 19 January 2017


I was reading a magazine recently and stumbled on a story that caught my attention.
People who know me very well can tell you that when there is something about women and children, my interest is always heightened. 

So, there I was reading about a protest that was organized by parents of a middle school here in America. This protest was born out of the complaints of the students who felt their rights were being violated, and the school authorities did not care too much about them.
This got me charged up already because I do not tolerate injustice especially when children are involved. I continued to read this article only to find out that the problem was with the kind of food and drinks they were serving them.

Thursday 5 January 2017


I sat down in my living room flipping through pages of a big history book just to make myself feel a little more intelligent. People who know me have come to realize that I love to read, not just to get information but also to expose my mind.

Anyway back to the history book I was reading.
I got to a chapter that said "TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON THE AMAZON QUEEN MYTHOLOGY". Trust that I took the test believing that I could at least score up to 50%. To my greatest shock I didn't even score up to 30% percent. There were too many names, stories and history that I  did not know of. 

So, I decided to read the full chapter and found the story to be extremely interesting. This may not be a big deal to some people but it is a big deal for me to know these stories, whether real or mythical. 
Let me share a little bit of what I discovered and I hope you will find it interesting.