Tuesday 31 December 2013


I am starting my year with a twenty one day fast and asking God for strength to see it through.
I know the things that I need God to do for me and my family! I also know that I need answers and direction from God. Most importantly I know that it is time to stop wasting my time and face my calling regardless of what people will say or think.

I know That I want to build my relationship with God and advertise him to the world with all that he has given me. I also know that it is time for you all to step out in faith and live the best life you were called to live. As the world draws closer to its end, we all need to be mindful of what we absorb from this world and society.

- We all need to know where we stand and who we stand for
- We all need to know for a fact, what we are doing and when we are supposed to do it

- We all need to know where we are heading and not be guided by the expectations of people 

- I am not going to waste my time in 2014 
- I am not going to look the way people expect me to look but the way i know I should look
- I am not going to spend money on irrelevant things when there are hungry and uneducated children out there who need help

- I am not going to attend an event because people expect me to, but because I am supposed to
- I am not going to comment on something because the world is expecting a reaction from me but speak as the Holy Spirit leads me
- I am not going to be afraid to do the things God has asked me to do because of the impression some people have of me
- I am not going to please man and offend God
- I am not going to keep friends who are not willing to follow the will of God and encourage me to love him
- I am not going to beg or seek for validation from man but from God who has already validated and endorsed me
- I am not going to say I am not good enough or I am not qualified because God created me for such a time as this
- I am not going to run away from the real me just because I want to retain fans and friends
- I will be happy and joyful
- I will live my life to the fullest
- I will love and praise God who is the creator of all things
- I will stand by the truth I know, no matter what
- I will love and pray for my enemies no matter how difficult it is
- I will run away from evil and its people
- I will tell those who care to listen about the God I have come to know
- I will sing the songs that I have always wanted to sing whether my voice is wonderful or not

- I will spend my time on important things


- I will not follow unnecessary trend when I know it is not good for me
- I will be content with what I have and where I am
- I will encourage and teach all those who are in my life

These are not new year resolutions but decisions I know I should have made long ago.

- 2014 is the year that we should all sit back and find out from God who we are, what our purpose is and how to go about it
- 2014 is the year we should all be free to do the work that we would enjoy and be paid for doing it

- 2014 is the year of our financial freedom and breakthrough
- 2014 is the year that we will all realize the Most important things in life
- 2014 is the year that jealousy, envy and gossip will no longer hold us back from our blessings and favor
- 2014 is the year we will stand for what is right and just

- 2014 is the year we stop thinking about ourselves alone but about every child created by God

I declare freedom to everyone

- Freedom to be the you whom God has created
- Freedom to do what you have been called to do
- Freedom to love and live freely
- Freedom from hiding behind society
- Freedom to explore the things you have always wanted
- Freedom to live regardless of what the world might say
- Freedom to be happy without any apologies
- Freedom to love and praise God in public regardless of your mistakes 

- It's not too late to say I am sorry
- It's not too late to say I love you
- It's not too late to say forgive me
- It's not too late to show kindness
- It's not too late to give
- It's not too late to pray
- It's not too late to change 

In fact, the time is now.

Happy New Year and God bless you all.

Love ya loads.

Saturday 7 December 2013

What is your truth?

Satan is the father of lies. We all say this but do we really understand the meaning of it?

A LIE is as effective as the TRUTH if you believe it and act on it.
We all need to be careful about the things we decide to act on.
Sometimes if you look within yourself and evaluate your life's journey, you might just be shocked that your whole life has been ruled by the lies you acted on. As far as you were concerned, they were the truths that you knew, but what if what you believed to be true turned out to be lies.

- What if that person you resent so much is actually the friend you should have had?
- What if the best friend you have is actually the one telling you all the lies in the world just to get you to be close to him or her?
- What if all the warnings and prophecies you received from that man who always asked for money to pray for you were all false?
- What if some so called friends and loved ones decided to hide some vital truths from you just so that you are not hurt?
- What if the media has sold lies to you about people they know nothing about?
- What if people around you have made you give up on your dreams that would lead to your fulfilling the destiny you were called to fulfill, by telling you that you were not good enough, or intelligent enough, or the idea would fail?

What is your TRUTH?

Do you believe that there is a God who gave his son Jesus to die for us or do you believe in the great BIG BANG that science is teaching?

I ask again, what is your truth?

How do you know what is real?
How do you define your own truth?
Do you draw truth based on mere words from others?
Have you ever asked God to reveal your truth to you?
Do you prefer to act on the truth of others or your own truth?
What if the truth of another person is the LIE to you because of who you are?

Find your truth and you will know who you are.

God be with you now and always.
Stella Damasus

Tuesday 3 December 2013

To Jay

Wow! It's amazing how time flies. It's been nine years since you left us and it still feels like yesterday. I guess it's because I remember too many things and feel all the emotions like they just happened. I woke up this morning with thoughts and visions of you, wondering what you could be doing right now and the number of new friends and angels you would be chatting with now.
You were always the man of the people; who loved to put smiles on faces, especially mine.

I also wondered what and who you would expect me to be now. I wondered if I have done justice to at least a huge portion of all the plans we had together.
Before I got out of bed I wanted to make sure that wherever you are, there would still be a smile on your face when you see how far I have gone. I nodded my head, smiled and got up because I knew that God heard us those nights we held hands and prayed together, asking for his help in accomplishing what we set out to do, especially in the lives of our children Isabel and Angelica. He has done great things in our lives and has continued to be there for us.

Jaiye, your girls miss you so much and I have made sure that whenever they hear any of your songs, they know it's you because that voice has remained in their hearts. Isabel still tells me how she knows that her shoe size came from you and Angelica insists that her height has nothing to do with me but owes it to you. Above all they know and will always know what a wonderful and loving father you were. Nothing will ever change that no matter what.
As I always say "time does not heal wounds, it only makes the load and pain lighter. Only God can heal wounds".

Today I am writing this letter to you and I am not crying, instead I am smiling because in my heart I know you are in the best place ever, where your laughter will resonate.
I miss you so much my love and I know that when the time comes I will see you again.

Okay, let me go and face the world now. You are so lucky because you no longer have to deal with all the hate, gossip, backbiting, deception, oppression, sickness, war, accidents, disasters, robbery and all the other things the rest of us have to deal with.

Rest in the arms of The Lord JAY.

Let me go and continue with all the negativity the world brings. My happiness is that I am not going alone, my God is with me all the way.

Rest in peace.