Friday 11 January 2019


Let me be honest, when I came up with this title I laughed my head off. I can imagine the look on your face the moment you read the title. I know most of you would wonder if I am referring to myself, or just in general.


Well, I am going to tell you a story of how my mind worked as a young lady, and you don't have to wonder anymore. I am referring to myself in regards to the title. If you are female, I hope you will also refer to your VAJAYJAY as a DIAMOND by the time you are done reading this.

At a young age, I was already a household name especially in Nigeria my country. I had access to places, people and some measure of influence, so it was not difficult to meet the high and mighty. As an entertainer, you feel the need to keep up appearances and live the life of glamor and riches, but how many of us can truly afford that?

When I was a single young lady, there was a period in my life where I was not religious or born again. I was not going to church or studying the Bible, in fact, I just loved God in my heart and that was it. At that time, I didn't do anything or make decisions because of religion or Christianity. I didn't really have time for all that spiritual crap.

I attended an event organized by someone I really respected and admired, it was a great party with a lot of influential and rich people. I walked to the snack table to grab something to eat, and this tall good looking guy came and asked if he could make me a plate. I said YES, and he made the plate, gave it to me and took me to sit down. We had a good conversation and then he asked for my number and in all honesty, I didn't think anything of it so I gave it to him.

We would chat, exchange text messages and laugh. So in my head, I believed I had found a friend and to be honest with you, I would not have objected to anything that could be more than just friendship if he asked.

After about a month he invited me to the BOAT CLUB somewhere in IKOYI Lagos. I got there and met him with some of his friends, and some other girls. These girls looked so expensive and glamorous, their skin looked like they spent a fortune on foreign skin products. I looked at their shoes, bags, nails and I immediately knew that these girls were spending the kind of money I only heard about in the movies. Needless to say that even as the celebrity among them, I felt so small and almost invisible.

I sat next to him and we started chatting, but the conversation quickly took a different turn. He suggested that I go with him to his guest house not far from the club. For some reason I was not comfortable with that, so I asked him why he didn't just invite me to his guest house instead. He smiled and said he wanted his friends to see me because he had been telling them about me. When I looked at his friends, there was something about the way they looked at me. It was like a hungry man looking at a burger. I told him I didn't think it was a good idea, and that was when I noticed that his ring finger had a very fresh mark that signified that he was married, but just took the ring off.

After that, he said he just wanted to officially make me his "baby" and take care of me. He told me how he would buy me a house, a BMW and give me a monthly allowance of a million Naira. It was a crazy amount of money because this was over two decades ago.

Trust me this was too good to be true, and there was no way anyone at that time would pass up on that, so I got excited and started picturing myself as a homeowner who would travel the world on a shopping spree. My day-dreaming immediately stopped when I remembered that my mother taught me to ask questions, especially when things seemed too good to be true. I asked him what I would have to do in return for all that he was proposing, then he held my hand and said "all you have to do is be an obedient and faithful baby girl to me and you will be fine"

I asked him what it would entail because I was not sure I understood what he meant. So he pulled me closer and in a low voice, he said "Look, you are mature enough to understand. If you promise to satisfy my sexual needs and be quiet about it, then you will be getting money in your account every month. I will even give you more if you make me happier by doing some things I like".

I was so angry I knocked his hand off mine and asked him why he thought he could buy me. The anger was so bad that he got confused and started asking me to calm down, so we don't cause a scene.

I told him I would never do it and it was not because I was righteous or a saint, but because he had no right to ask for my body like that. What the HELL? Did I look like an object or a prostitute? What did he mean by that? These were the thoughts going through my head and I kept telling him " you are a horrible person". I told him how I thought we could grow in our friendship and become more than that, but he just had to destroy everything and waste my time.

At that point, he got angry and said " who do you think you are? You think because you are a local champion here in Nigeria you can speak to me like that? You are a little girl. Do you know who I am ?"
He said way more than that to me, but I cannot remember the rest of his ramblings. One thing I remember word for word and would never forget was when he said " What is wrong with you? Do you know how many girls are begging for my attention every day? Are you the only one with a vagina! Is your Vagina gold?

I stood up and checked the distance between me and the exit so that I could run if I had to because of the response I was about to give. I looked at him and said " My Vagina is DIAMOND and you can never buy it. Not even with your life savings, no matter how much it is."

I walked straight to the door and kept going till I got to the parking lot. When I got inside my car, my driver Samuel was worried and asked me why I was angry. I told him to drive me home because I was not feeling good at all.

On the way home I started thinking deeply about this.

Are you saying that the same money we use to buy food and clothes is what he wants to use to buy my body?

Then what am I?

How am I different from the products on the window display with a price tag?

How can I ask for respect when there is a price tag on my body?

Why should I be the one to surrender my body?

Why can't I have money like him?

Don't I have the intelligence or talent to make my own money?

Why do men believe that all women want is money, and they will give up their body which is supposed to be priceless?

Did we sell ourselves for so long that it became a culture that men grew into?

Why can't I be in charge of my own body just because I want to buy THINGS?

What I didn't understand then was why men wanted to buy SEX, when they could respectfully earn it.
Please remember that this was before I became born again, and understood that premarital sex was a sin and so was adultery. I AM NOT advocating for sex outside of marriage.

As harsh and vulgar as this may sound, I have taught my daughters that the moment they get tempted to sell themselves short because of money, they automatically become those window displays with a price tag. Another thing I told them was that the moment one item is bought, the store has another one ready to be displayed and sold. That item is no longer of value to the store because they have many replacements.

The moment you give your DIAMOND to a man for money, you lose your value and in no time he will get a new one. You will become used goods.

What happens to used goods? They are either sold as second hand (used), or they are tossed out.

Don't give up your DIAMOND Please.

Keep it for the man who will work hard to earn it.

Let him put a DIAMOND RING on your finger before he can have access to your DIAMOND VAGINA.

Thursday 3 January 2019

He Almost Gave Up

Welcome to 2019! I am so glad to be back here with you- my wonderful readers. I took a long break from blogging. In fact, now that I think of it, I took the longest break in the history of any blog I know. Good news is that I am back for good.

In the course of my long break, I worked on a lot of other projects, and I also started my coaching and consulting business. One of my clients was at a point in his life where he was ready to give up on his dreams and visions because of family and friends. As ridiculous as that may sound, this has happened to a lot of people and is still happening.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes friends and family don't value your talent? They celebrate other people for doing the same thing you do, but no one gives you accolades.