Monday 11 June 2012

My Favourite Things

There are some things I would love to share with you from time to time. I call them my favorite things. These are things that I like and have affected me positively.

I was reading my bible the other day which had some pearl pages for women by Bishop T D Jakes. One of the pages really struck me. I realised that a lot of women deal with all sorts of things within themselves, things that they can’t share with anyone. They feel so alone and start to run away from people, then eventually God, because they are probably ashamed of their past or their weaknesses.
I learnt that at that point all they need is prayers but trust me it becomes a bit difficult to know what to say or how to say it. One thing I know for sure is that everyone has their weaknesses and have made mistakes at one point in their lives or another.
Here are some beautiful prayer guidelines that Bishop T.D. Jakes wrote that have helped me in so many ways

O God, where are you? I need you now. Can you hear me? Do you care? I am down to my last friend.
I have done some awful things
Sick of feeling used instead of loved
Sick of painting a smile on my face when inside I am screaming
Sick of dressing up a body that has lost its soul
Lord I don't want to feel  filthy
I just want to be clean
Touch my tears with your mercy and whisper hope for the future to me
I want to climb up in your lap and be a little girl again innocent and new
They say you are the God of second chances
The God of new beginnings
You are the only one I can count on
From now on, I’m your woman
I belong to you alone
Be my hero, my shelter
Be my man and save me from shame.
In Jesus name. Amen

I came across another prayer guide from TD Jakes again and totally loved it.

Lord, through the ages you have fought battles for your people.
Now I need someone to fight for me.
 Someone who cares that I am daily ambushed and beaten up in the war zones of work, worry and weariness.
I have no safe place; no shelter no refuge where I can hide.
There is such strife and unrest in the deepest parts of me. And I cry out for you.
There is a battle going on in me between what you say and what I think. I cannot hear your still, small voice over the noise that rages inside of me.
Be my guide, my guard, my light, my hero. Even when I am outnumbered, one word from you can conquer every conflict, eliminate the enemy, and defeat the destroyer.
 Come to my rescue, prince of peace.

He also went on to encourage women:

Your real value cannot be bought, applied, added on, hung from your ears, or laid on your neck.
The real thing that causes a man to need you so desperately he can’t leave you is not what is on you but what is in you.

Start appreciating yourself
Say this to yourself:
 "I’m valuable to God
I am somebody
Yes I’ve been through some bad times
But the lord touched me and loosed me and now I’m glorifying God and I am not going back to where I came from.

You need to recognise what God has put in you.
God, when he made the woman, didn’t just decorate the outside
He decorated the inside of the woman
He put beauty in her spirit

These words made me add more value to myself. I am sure most people have heard and read things about me that are both true and untrue. Through it all, God has been there for me. When I read words of encouragement like this, it reminds me that there is more in me that no other person can see but God sees. He values me, he heals me, he knows the real me, he accepts me, he never hurts me. That is all that matters to me because if God before me, who can be against me.

Another favorite thing for this edition is a wonderful poem written by my very own personal assistant, friend and little sister Rumeh Ejoor.
She walked up to me with the poem, she was asked to write it for a concert that was held in honor of the crisis that was going on in Haiti and Jos. I read it and I thought it was amazing, she told me that all she wanted to do was express all the hurt she felt especially for the children that were missing, injured, rendered homeless and worst of made orphans.

A hundred thousand people, feared dead.
Thousands more, trapped in reckless buildings.
Countless thousands, injured.
Long queues of broken people
Barely able to stand
Crowded around badly damaged hospitals.
Are there any doctors on duty?
Do they have any medical supplies?
What about water and electricity?
Is there foods anywhere?

A child covered in blood and dust
Wanders around crying.
Mummy, where are you?
Another chills sits beside the body of his deeds father
Daddy, daddy, wake up, I'm so hungry, he moans.
Life has lost its meaning
Everyday is a bitter struggle.
A struggle to stay alive
And search for loved ones

Thousands of miles away
In another continent far across the seas
Things are no different
A battle of religion
Takes on the proportions of an earthquake
In the beautiful tourist region of Jos, Nigeria

A fight between Muslims and Christians
In the name of Almighty God
That destroys man
Created in the inane of that same God
Hundreds of lives are lost
Hundreds more injured
Homes, businesses, burnt to ashes
Broken lives litter the streets
Without a bed to lay their heads

It will take a hundred days to clear
They say in Haiti
The government will enforce Law and order
They say in Jos
Till then how will the people fare?
Who will feed the children?
Who will treat the wounded?
Who will shelter the homeless?
Yes, we can
You and I, Nigerians
With a rich culture of warmth and hospitality
Hand in hand, standing, shoulder to shoulder
We can heal this
Broken Humanity

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  1. Lovely one. For the women, its the self esteem that is the basic issue that they fight with regurlarly. its not easy when battling with that but from your write up, redemption is there. Women are strong and thou it may take time, they can overcome against all odds.

    Great poem, heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. May God help us all.