Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I must say that I have every reason to be grateful to God for a wonderful year. Yes 2012 had its ups and downs but God saw me through it. I started the year with my high hopes and super expectations amazingly; God did 98% of all the things I asked from him at the beginning of the year. I know the remaining 2% will come at his appointed time. I started the year with a desire to move closer to God and work in his perfect plan for my life. I am so happy I found my steps back to my creator and I have had no regrets.

The year cannot slip by without me remembering the DANA AIR tragedy of June 3, the bombings and killings across Nigeria, the death of veteran actors Pete Eneh and Enebeli Elebuwa, death of Remi Lagos, the flooding in the Niger Delta that displaced thousands of people, Hurricane Sandy that killed and rendered people homeless in America, the helicopter crash that killed a Governor and army General, the suicide bombers that attacked Airtel and MTN offices in Kano a few days ago, the killing of the 4 young men in Aluu and most recently the shooting and killing of 20 children and 6 teachers in Newtown, Connecticut and a host of other horrific incidents. We have seen tears and blood but as humans...we are still standing.

The bible says that “God will have mercy upon whom he chooses have mercy, and he will have compassion upon whom he chooses to have compassion”. The fact that we are alive to write and read this message is not because we are better than those who have died. It is not because we are more beautiful or more handsome or have done more good than they have...it’s just because God has decided to spare us. Can we question him for choosing us over those people...NO! Can we question him for allowing those things to happen...NO! All I can say is that for the time that I will be here on earth, I will make the most of it, live right, do God’s will, help the needy, value my friends and family and live my life for me! Not everyone will love me. Not everyone will like my style. Not everyone will be crazy about the things I stand for but hey...I am not living my life to impress the world. I am living my life for God. I don’t have to please you because pleasing you will mean I have to displease 50 other people. So why waste my time trying to impress 6 billion other people on this planet when I can just please one person...GOD!

It’s time to step up and step out, it’s time to dream big because its free, it’s time to take off your shoes and dance, it’s time to take that chance, it’s time to set yourself free and be who you have been called to be, it’s time to be happy and not feel guilty because you are, it’s time to do those things they told you were impossible, it’s time to love more regardless, it’s time to be bold and stand for what you believe in, it’s time to change for the better no matter what people say, it’s time to appreciate and value you whether the world does or not, it’s time to know what God says about you, it’s time to know who you were called to be, it’s time to BECOME and finally it’s time to know, find, cherish, worship and love God.

I know that every blog, TV channel, newspaper and soft sell magazine out there are busy talking about 2012 in retrospect and New Year resolutions so I won’t bore you with any long talk. As you end this year and enter 2013 think deeply...who will you live your life for in 2013.



  1. Happy new year! :D

  2. I really don't know how to explain how i do feel whenever i visit this blog,there is always something to learn. its so inspiring & motivating,each time i read, i feel one step to where am going.

    keep doing what u know how to do best, & the LORD will be ur strength.


  3. Happy New Year Stella! I just wanted to say I recently started reading your blog and believe I am better off for it. Your words are honest, bold, and touching. The respect and love for God you talk about is what I aspire to have and be better at. Thank you for taking your time to keep us informed and lifted. God Rest the Souls of all those lost to tragic circumstances.

  4. wht a wonderful, precious, invaluable and priceless new year gift.Stella, the discovery of your blog is one of most valuable gift to me at the beginning of this New year, 2013. indeed God has answered my prayer of being in touch with you. my warmest Near year greetings to your "beloved Kids".