Thursday 18 April 2013


After my last article find out more, I received a lot of comments from people who had never heard about meningitis. Comments also came from those who felt I was trying to make people take me more seriously by talking about an issue they say I know nothing about.
Truth is that I was happy I got all these messages from both sides as it confirmed to me that at least I have raised something in the minds of people. The fact that they read and decided to take the time to respond either positively or negatively gave me joy.
I do not think I need to be a doctor to share something as serious and as important as that. It can happen to anyone or a relative so I think that we should take out time to look into it.
As I continued my research this week on the Internet, I discovered something that might convince the doubting thomases and the extremely busy parents who leave their children in the hands of hired helps as regards health and safety precautions.
The schools in Nigeria also have to play a part in this by insisting that parents must make sure their children have completed their immunization at a certain age before they are admitted into the schools. This means that even the schools should have medical consultants to take them through all the things the children require. It is not enough for schools to have a sick bay with ugly, hard beds and apprentice nurses. They should have pediatric consultants they can call for quick remedies and to know what children should and should not take. For schools that give lunch as an option,  a certified dietician or pediatrician should work with them to provide balanced meals for the children. I have also asked if anyone goes to schools from time to time to check the school kitchen and cafeteria as regards hygiene of both the location and the people making the food for our children.
As I went through the Internet I stumbled on a story of a young girl called Kaitlyn. She was a beautiful girl who loved to dance but unfortunately had symptoms that were obviously not taken care of. She got so sick that when she got to the hospital both her hands and legs had to be cut off because the disease had entered her blood and other organs. When her parents came they were asked if Kaitlyn got her meningitis vaccination as a child and they said NO.
They watched their 18 year old daughter loose her hands and legs at the same time.

Imagine how that girl will feel for the rest of her life and imagine how her relationship with her parents will be from now on, knowing that she could have had a normal life if her parents had just taken more time to find out what she needed.
Imagine how she would feel everyday seeing her parents as they walk around her and bring food to her with all their body parts complete and fully functional.
She will spend the rest of her life probably wearing artificial legs and hands which she will have to learn to use from scratch.
It is the most devastating thing for anyone to ever have to go through, for a disease that is extremely preventable.

The little girl in the last article, according to the family, caught the infection from another child because it has been confirmed that it can be spread through air as well. Kaitlyn is in America with her parents, so if in a country like that were we all run to for treatment they still have to amputate her legs, what will then happen to us in Africa where we don't have half the facilities they have?
What would it take for Africans to take these things more seriously? I am saying this because you would be amazed at how a lot of people reacted to the first article.
Please my people, I beg of you let us save our children and take extra time off to take care if them as best as we can.
For people who love to see for themselves first please log on to scroll down to were you have more stories and look for the story "teen looses all four limbs to meningitis".
There are different symptoms for this and it can be so tricky that the doctors might not know where to look or what to do at the time the child is brought in. It may seem like fever, it may come as rashes that look harmless or blemishes, the child might start to hallucinate and many more other symptoms. Instead of waiting to find out, why don't you just take the child to get a simple shot of vaccination.
Please spread the word and let us save as many children as we can.
This message is from me STELLA DAMASUS. I am not representing any NGO for meningitis and I am not representing any hospital. I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a mentor, a child of God and a someone who cares.
God help us all.


  1. Hmmmmm, its indeed SERIOUS!!!
    if one has never experienced some serious illness before, he or she will never know whats happening in life.
    After reading the last article, i woke up the next day & remembered i still have this pain in my neck that i've not taking serious for like four days, all because i thought its just a wrong way of sleeping, thinking 'PANADOL EXTRA' will do the magic as usual. for the whole of that day i kept thinking of Meningitis, later that evening, i found myself in the pharmacy for treatment. to GOD be the Glory, its not 'MENINGITIS' and after two days of medication, i became fine.

    Thumbs up to you Ma STELLA, may the LORD strengthen you as always. KISSES.

    dat reminds me, i love ur 'QUICK QUICK LOVE SONG' am practicing it for my guy, hmmmm, lol!!!

  2. wow! Thanks for the insight... pls keep up the good work!

  3. My people perish for the lack of knowledge.. Thank God for this information Stella.

  4. Carelessness!!!!! May God not allow us make mistakes that our children will suffer for.