Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Worthy Cause

A few weeks back, I was going through my twitter and I saw a mention that caught my attention. I was curious, i wanted to know more so I sent the lady my email address and almost immediately I received a mail from her.

In the email, she made a request for me to join a movement she had started and she included a link to her blog and after going through the blog I knew that this was something I would like to be a part of because I
know a few people that I have so far successfully been able to wean off this addiction.

So, I am officially announcing that I have decided to lend my voice, face and personality as a Celebrity Cause Champion to this wonderful Tobacco Control Cause being driven by Social Resposibility Managers under the Tobacco Control Nigeria project. The project is being implemented by a team of civil society organizations with SRM providing blog content and signing up Cause Champions for citizenship action.

For more details about the Tobacco Control  Cause, click on the link to view the blog 

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Please join me as we work hard to build a Smoke Free Nigeria


  1. SD, this truly is a worthy cause. I am definitely going to follow you and support this cause.

    Thanks for always doing things to change the society positively regardless of what people say.

    May God continue to strengthen and bless you.

  2. Stella Damasus represents a brand that can be trusted and depended upon for supporting causes that are for the good of the people.

    She and her team have demonstrated diligence, purposefulness and genuine humility in all our relations.

    We are grateful Stella accepted to become our Celebrity Cause Champion.

    - Social Responsibility Managers (SRM)

  3. Youv been an inspiration all through and God bless you.

  4. My sistah Stella, I saw your video clip about the proposed law to impose marriage on under-age girls. I cannot tell you how proud you have made me as a woman, more so a Nigerian woman. It is about time women spoke up like you did -- gone are the days of anything goes. We need to tell the world that showing off our anatomies, getting whatever we want by any means necessary is no longer OK; there is dignity in being a female.

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