Monday 3 February 2014

The problem called "Pride"

I was looking at my Instagram a few days ago and I saw an ad for the 15th Annual NFL Super Bowl Gospel Celebration at the Madison Square Garden Theatre and for some reason I just had this persistent urge to get the tickets and go.  As many of you may know, I am really not an event or concert kind of person. I would rather just be at home with my children, but this time it was different. I was not sure if it was because some of my favourite gospel musicians were going to perform or just because I had not been out in a while.
Long story short I got the tickets, went for it and believe me, that was one of the best decisions of my life because at that concert I saw something that I know would change my life forever. What good will it be if i keep it to myself and not share with other people that may need to hear this message to make a change in their life for the better.

When I got into the venue I was really excited. The thought of watching Grammy Award-Winning Musical Artists Patti Labelle, Mary Mary, Natalie Grant, Tamela Mann, Donnie McClurkin and NFL Players both active and retired, The NFL Players Choir, Celebrity Guests; made me feel like a 7 year old boy whose parents had promised him they would get him as many action figures as he wants from Toys ‘r’ Us. I was elated both before the show and even more after.

Tamela Mann
All the artists performances were amazing and so overwhelming but in the midst of all the fun, laughter and worship, I  witnessed humility at its peak more than once.
From my seat I could see Donnie, Tamela and all the other celebrity guests seated in front. I also spotted Reverend Jesse Jackson; for those of you that may not know him please google him. He’s an American Civil Rights activist and a Baptist Minister. He is highly respected in America as he falls into the rank of Martin Luther King Jnr and other notable civil rights activists.

Now after the introduction I just gave and for those of you that googled him and read up on his life and things he has done, you
Rev. Jesse Jackson 
may expect me to say things like he sat there with an entourage of security, didn’t clap or move once for any of the performers or even acknowledge the presence of another person in the room but YOU ARE WRONG! Rev. Jesse Jackson showed me the true meaning of humility. Twice during the show he stood up from his seat, walked up to the front row to greet some of the performers. The first time he walked up to Donnie McCklurkin, shook his hand and they exchanged pleasantries and he left. The second time was after Candace who won the last American idol finished performing with Patti Labelle . He walked up to her, took her hand and kissed it then they talked for a bit and he left. He got up again to hug three people in the second row whom I am sure he didn't know that well.

I was stunned to say the least. Of all the people I have met and interacted with in this world (and trust me they are a lot), there are just about 3 people I have met that I have seen display such humility and one of them is Tuface Idibia.
As humble as I like to think I am, I doubt that my humility measures up to that which Rev Jesse Jackson showed at the concert.

Maddison Square Garden
After the amazing and uplifting concert, I couldn’t help but only ponder on what I saw. It got me thinking that when I get to that level in life, would I be that humble? So I asked myself "even with the little God has given me now, have I been as humble as He expects me to be?"

Many of us like to think that we are very humble people but the truth is that true humility can only be tested when a person is placed at a certain level in life. When you have endless riches, power, fame, blessings, everything! That's when you can truly  determine how humble you are.
Another thing that crossed my mind was, "could we still be where we are simply because God sees that if he puts us at that place we all want to be that we would loose our humility?"

As much as we like to deny it, we all have a bit of pride in us. Its as simple as you seeing someone who you had a problem with a while ago and when you see them you turn your head and act like you didn't even know they were there;  just because you are too proud to walk up to them and say hello and try to work out the issue. Even the simple statements we make “Why I should I be the first one to make a move", "I am older so she should apologize first," " If I get up and go to her, people will see her as the bigger star",  "Do you even know who I am”?  Pride.
Sometimes I imagine God watching us make such statements and wondering “Hmm, I haven’t even given you half of what I have in store for you and yet you speak this way, I wonder what will happen when I release it all to you”

Is it possible that because God sees we are not ready for all he has prepared for us thats why we are still where we are?
Its very important that we think about this deeply.

Think back to all those proud statements you’ve made and all the things you’ve done out of pride then think about where it is you want to be in life and see how pride is stopping you from unlocking all those dreams and aspirations.

As the popular saying goes “Pride comes before a fall” so permit me to be creative and say “Humility comes before a rise"


  1. So so true dearie....God bless you for sharing.

  2. I couldnt ask for a better motivation at the time of life,thanks for sharing dear.

  3. Brave woman of God. Warrior in Christ Jesus. I thank God for a role model like you. You are a divine breed. If I could one day just shake your hands. Don't worry this wicked world. People always try to fight the truth & sit on evil. That's why many thieves & ritualists are living comfortable while Stella is being pursued. But Goodness and Mercy shall also pursue you all the days of your life and you will dwell in the house of the lord forever Psalms 23.Once Chosen, you remain special. no excuse, no explanation.

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