Tuesday, 27 May 2014

There's Nothing Happy About It

Today is supposed to be a happy day, it’s supposed to be a day were we celebrate our children but we (Nigeria) still have over 200 children missing.

I have decided to put myself in the place of those mothers and wonder how they would feel today, when everybody is celebrating children’s day and their own children are not with them. I really wonder how they feel, I wonder how they cope!

So today I’m not saying Happy Children’s with true happiness from within me. I am actually praying for these women, these men and for their children to come back safely. Then can we can have a children’s day that is Happy!

For now, there is really nothing happy about today.

{ Stella Damasus Speaks on Abducted Nigerian Girls #BringBackOurGirls: http://youtu.be/14aIPhZUytA?a }


  1. Dear Mr. President,

    To be clear, I am addressing you, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, not President “I ride horses without a shirt” Putting, who seems to have quickly usurped your role as leader of the free Nation. Who would have believed, Sir, that you, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning, Harvard-educated constitutional Lecturer (I assume we are referring to the Nigerian. Constitution), have been made to appear like a none care person, by the islamist millitan leading (murderer, torturer), freedom of expression-repressing, freedom of the press-smashing, thug of Red Square.
    Now listen, I will be gentle here in offering advice, as I know that you have had the toughest year – not only of your presidency, but that of any president since Yaradua passed on. At least in his case, it was uncontrollable. However, in your situation, virtually each point of global embarrassment.
    You are the only president that is more love and the people of you nation, especially the west, south and the easterner's have a great hope on you, but the way it is going, you are letting their hope down.
    Don’t you see Sir, that people around you are the ones killing this country, Did you not learn anything from Iran or North Korea? They act tough, right up until they are attacked, and then they pretend to moderate. Next they stall. This is a ploy, and you have been played. The idea of not negotiating with Boko Haram is right. But you need to listen to the cry of your people and stop use them as a leverage, your action towards the chibok girls is slow and I know that you are doing you best but you need to stop listening to those people you think that are your friend and those that you think have power over you, because you are the power and the president
    The truth is that, when Obasanjo was the president, they born no one to come fort and do rubbish. He will dismantle any Militant Group, he dose not take nonsense with anyone. That is a man in power, you really need to stand up and be the president that we want you to be and not a person that wait for what his master to tell him what to do first before he will do anything.


    Okay, why should you listen to me? I know, I am just a talking head – another loud mouth, Monday morning quarterback. But come on – to whom have you been listening? It would appear that you couldn’t do any worse by listening to me. Three simple steps:

    You need to regain the upper ground by first rejecting B.H demands.
    Set a very short, but realistic, timetable for Northern to get rid of its weapons.
    (Now this is the hard part) If they doesn’t fulfill his obligations, and they won’t, strategically attack B.H with the goal of regime change (remember, this is his greatest fear). (I know, you are wondering, “But who will step in the void…” valid question … but let’s deal with that later.)
    In order to carry out part 3, you are going to need to summon up some serious courage. you might want to play some YouTube clips of him confronting the Soviet Union. Here is a great one.

    Lastly, you should call President Olusegun Obasanjo. I know he wasn’t perfect, but he sure had resolve when he needed it. Despite the endless jabs you have taken at him (like the other night when you portrayed yourself as the president who ends, not starts wars, he would be happy to share with you how to stand tall in the midst of fierce islamic militant opposition. On this day of I am sure he will forgive you for your past disrespect.

    Okay, Mr. President. That is all I have for now. If you need more advice, you know where to find me – just ask the TAN.

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