Thursday, 7 July 2016


I am one of those who have complained over the years about the lack of good, clean and high quality entertainment for our children. 
As shocking as it may seem I had to get my children off some "SO CALLED KIDS CARTOON AND ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELS". The violence that I see in some of these cartoons is gradually becoming more morbid than that on normal channels. 

It was also very strange to me that the cartoons of today are created with alien looking life forms. It's no longer normal to have two eyes, two legs or human shapes because everything has become distorted. The teenage channels are filled with make out scenes and very vulgar language. 
It is becoming more difficult for a simple African woman like me to find a balance for my children who are being raised in an era where extreme sex, violence, hate, vulgarity and carelessness is the norm.

After talking and writing about this for years, we were finally introduced to a couple who are with PUREFLIX, which is like a Christian based version of NETFLIX.
Don't get me wrong I love and have NETFLIX but for those of us who want to be able to leave our kids on their own to pick whatever they want to watch, we can sleep better knowing they are hooked on PUREFLIX.

Trust me, this is not the era of boring, poor quality movies and television series that faith based productions used make. They have so many exciting programs and movies I can't even begin to explain. 
There are also several opportunities in business that you might want to be a part of when you join the PUREFLIX family.

PUREFLIX brought us GOD IS NOT DEAD and I cannot wait for the upcoming HILLSONG MOVIE.

Join the family and let us create a safer and decent entertaining environment for our children. 

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  1. Amazing piece Stella. You always amaze me with your level of intelligence. I am so happy that ONE PERSON WITH A VOICE (YOU) is standing up and doing what should be done to take back the airwaves and provide great content for this generation and the next. I am SO PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE AND EVEN HAPPIER FOR WHAT YOU ARE EVOLVING INTO!

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