Thursday, 11 August 2016


Sometimes in life we experience two extremes of different situations.

We do things with good intentions but those deeds produce bad outcomes.
We want to succeed but it doesn't go our way.
We think we are older and wiser but we make silly choices.
We feel that we have learnt enough but life throws curve balls at us.
We believe we know the people around us but we end up ticking them off. 

We think we are cool but we are actually doing dumb things.
We think we are working hard but we are just keeping busy.
We think we are good but we are really selfish.

There are some things I know I will never do again. 

Some may reduce the number of people who are supposed to be friends, but at the end of the day it will show you who your true friends are. Others will make people around you think that you have changed, but if its for the better then it doesn't matter.
Here is my list:
1. Share combs (funny right?)
2. Trust anyone who talks too much.
3. Listen to people who discourage me from pursuing my dreams.
4. Ignore the voice of the holy spirit.
5. Doubt God.
6. Say hurtful words to my children no matter how angry I am
7. Do something because others are doing it.
8. Start a business that I do not understand.
9. Employ people to do something I cannot do myself, even if not perfectly.

10. Forget to pray for the nation and its people.
11. Waste my time doing irrelevant things when I ought to be creating wealth.
12. Spend my time with people who are not ready to work and live a good life.

13. Hang around people who are always negative.
14. Choose material things over life changing resources.
15. Take anyone or anything for granted.
16. Forget to call my family and friends every week.
17. Forget to meditate.
18. Forget to encourage people daily.
19. Ignore all the things that I want to do even if they seem impossible.
20. Forget to smile more.
21. Complain instead of show gratitude to God.
22. Go on social media to post things that will not be of use to others.
23. Forget to read as many books as I can..
24. Ignore the feelings of people I work with.

I am leaving number 25 blank, hoping that you will fill it with one thing you will never do again.

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Get your friends and family to share the one thing they will never do again.
Let's do this one together.

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  1. I will not hold on to unforgiveness or take revenge but will leave it to the wrath of God. It's not worth my health or peace of mind.

  2. I will not hold on to unforgiveness or take revenge but will leave it to the wrath of God. It's not worth my health or peace of mind.

  3. Nice write up SD!

    25. I will never again take for granted the fact that I am an open person and expect others to be the same. Sometimes it's just good to keep quiet and not overshare.

  4. Hmm...Let me see...#25 - I will NEVER dwell on Negative Thoughts... No more thinking negatively about anything or anyone. Its only HAPPY THOUGHTS, positive views about, even when they are imperfect or flawed...

    Thank you for this brilliant post Stella. You made me think. I like #1 by the way. Sharing a comb makes me shudder. Lol. Keep inspiring us.

  5. I will never get upset because it causes more harm than good to my health,I pray the Lord should help me be happy no matter what comes my way.

  6. Trust unperceived flatteries!

  7. #25- I will never again trade my happiness for negativity and my creativity for unproductive activities

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