Wednesday 2 May 2012

A Grateful Heart

"Happy Birthday Mummy!!!" is what I woke up to last week Tuesday morning . My lovely girls sang for me and then took me to my gifts which they bought with the pocket money they have been saving.  After that they assisted the cook in the kitchen and made me pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages *yum*

When i went back to my room, I picked up my blackberry, so many messages where flooding in. Over 50 people had my picture as their DP, i have a friend that even changed her DP to different pictures of me every hour for the whole day (literally 12-12).  My friends bought me lovely gifts and I had one of the best surprises ever!

I was loving every minute of it then it got me thinking, after all that I have been through, all the struggles, pain, hurt and so much more, I'm still standing strong. God has a reason for everything that has happened to me and as crazy as it may sound, I'm grateful for everything because through it all, he's been with me and he's given me so much that I can't but be thankful.

Today I don't intend on writing too much, all I want to do Is thank God for my life, the life of my family and friends. Without some people God has put in my life, I probably won't be back on my feet, standing strong.

So I was just want to say a quick prayer for everyone that has affected my life positively, from the people who read my column, to those who comment, my fans, my family, my friends, my mentors and all those who speak words of encouragement and comfort to me. I pray that God would bless and keep you, He will make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. He will fight your battles for you and perfect all that concerns you and yours. He will clothe you with grace, His glory, favour, he will continue to provide for you and be with you from now till the end of time. In Jesus Name.
I am grateful for the way you have affected my life so I  want to say a huge Thank you to everyone one that has helped and affected my life for good in one way or the other. I am grateful and I love you all.

Quote: No matter what it is that you are facing or that you have managed to over come, don't turn your back on God, at the end there's still only one true resting place.. In God's love.

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