Friday 16 November 2012


Hey friends,

Please click on the link below to see the trailer of the new movie from INDEX TWO STUDIOS, produced by Daniel Ademinokan and I.

WHEN IS IT ENOUGH is another mind blowing film that is based on true events. Written for screen and directed by Daniel Ademinokan, this film will keep you spell bound from the beginning to the end.



Lots of Love,


  1. Domestic abuse is not just a myth to me i lived with it and in some ways i still it's an issue close to my heart and this film definitely does some justice to it...but one can never enter the hearts of the battered women and children and whatever emotional trauma this trend causes. This effort makes me happy...i know someone is doing something about this evil the African society has embraced.

  2. Thanks to Srella Damasus. It is always a good thing to shine light on this dark place for sooooo many women around the world who suffer and die at the hands of another…To live your life in fear of when the next hit or slap will come is no way to live….May the white light of Christ surround these women, keeping them in His loving arms of protection. Looking forward to seeing this movie..Let this light continue to shine..

  3. Nice one... Nice going. Would like to refer you to the "Thurman Law". It's a legislation that came into existence to deal with domestic violence (in the US). Perhaps it would inspire you to lead a necessary movement. Best wishes