Friday, 14 August 2015

Who do you work for?

A couple of years ago, I sat in my bedroom and a friend of mine who had been trying to reach me decided to come to my house. She walked into the room and found me praying with tears in my eyes and if I remember correctly, the last thing she heard me say was "you are my boss Lord please settle my financial issues". Out of respect for prayer she joined me in saying my final Amen.

Immediately after the prayer she looked at me and shook her head. When I asked her why she did that, it was as if I had taken the lid off a boiling pot of water.
She was of the opinion that I put in so much of myself in the things I do, but she does not see me demand for the kind of money that she knows I deserve. She also said she noticed that even when I am not comfortable with the people around me I still smile and do my work as though everything is fine which she felt was hypocrisy. She made sure I knew for a fact that she did not like my prayer at all.

According to her "Stella has become one of those Christian Fanatics who do not face the reality around them at all. Stella believes that she is working for God when she is obviously not a pastor neither does she work inside the church, so how is God Stella's boss?". From her point of view, I could totally understand why she would say that. This made me laugh so hard and she could not comprehend why the Stella that was in tears a minute ago was now laughing, I gave her a big hug and told her that God has used her to assure me that he heard my prayer by bringing her to me when I needed laughter in my heart.

 To the normal mind, we all have people we work for so it is expected that those people will pay our salaries or at least pay for our services. This means that God has given us all we need to do our work and has even given us the grace to get jobs to help us, why go back to him again to ask for help, right?

The good thing with this story is that it didn't take me up to twenty minutes to explain the way God operates for her to understand it.
I started with Colossians 3: 23-24 which I am hoping you will read right now before you continue reading this article.

It is very important to know that if you put it at the back of your mind that you are working for God:
1. you will not want to do things based on how you feel or don't feel about your boss,
2. you will not treat the job like it does not belong to you,
3. you will definitely put your best into it because you are not depending solely on the payment from your work place but you know that when God pays your salary it is worth more than anything any human being can ever give you,
4. you will work with the kind of excellence that is expected from one who represents Christ,
5. you will want to please the master creator who already knows what you are capable of,
6. you will show the father that you are willing to put in your best In Your work so that when you expect his reward you are expecting the best. It means basically that YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE.

If you give your best you will receive the best.
If you give mediocrity you will get mediocrity.
If you give grudgingly then don't expect anything special.
If you do not handle other people's work with care, diligence and excellence why should God give you your own company or business to handle?

I have heard people talk about their bosses and their co workers and I get worried. When you work in an environment where you cannot find happiness, peace and friendship there is no way on earth you can ever give your best or work with excellence. You just want to do what you have to do and go home, only to come back and repeat the same routine everyday. My question is "what is the point?"
Before I understood the ways of The Lord, I would advice such people to resign and find a place where they can apply their skills in peace just to find happiness. But, now I always ask them, what if you find work somewhere else and meet some people who are worse than those you ran away from, will you run away again? For how long will you keep running in search of comfort and happiness?

Why not work as though you are working for God and at the back of your mind you see the people around you as your tests.
Why can't you see your boss as one person that has been placed in your life for a reason?
What if you are the only Jesus they will ever see or know?
What if your boss does not even know how you feel?
What if you were the one who was sent to deliver some souls or maybe even that business from going extinct?
What if you are the one sent to remove the negative spirit from that environment and change their lives?
Will you run away to find YOUR  happiness and neglect an assignment that is being placed on your life?

I ask myself these same questions all the time and I try my best to apply this when I have to deal with people of different ideas, ethnicities, mindsets and beliefs every single day. As an entertainer, I have to put up with different people on virtually every job and it can be a daunting task. Am I flawless? Not at all. As I consider myself as a work in progress, these principles have helped me become who I am today and I can definitely see the transformation taking place and the rewards from my BOSS have been mind-blowing. Believe me, IT PAYS TO WORK FOR THE BIG GUY UPSTAIRS! IT PAYS TO WORK FOR GOD!

Whatever situation you find yourself in your place of work, shaky finances or simply the 'lack of drive' to get up and go to work, remember...

- Everything happens for a reason, for a time and a season.

- Hang in there and keep praying until you get directions from God.

- Whatever you do, please execute with the spirit of excellence.

- Work as though your father owns the company and you have to make it succeed.

- Work as if the company is yours to inherit

- Take care of your office as if it was built with your family money.

- Love your work and give thanks everyday for the opportunity to work for God.

- Teach others the same thing.

My friend got the message loud and clear as she experienced a major turn around in my life, finances, relationship with God and career. This was a few years ago and my life has soared beyond my imagination. Guess what? God is just getting started with me.

God bless you.


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