Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Don't you just HATE it when people won't mind their business?
Don't you just HATE it when your boss decides to pick on you for no reason? 
Don't you just HATE it when  friends and family put you under pressure to have a child?
Don't you just HATE it when the same people you have helped, turn around and stab you in the back?
Don't you just HATE it when you get passed up for a job you deserve because the other person who got it is related to the boss?

Don't you just HATE it when the person you thought was your confidant, decides to spill every secret you shared? 
Don't you just HATE it when your spouse starts to take you for granted? 
Don't you just HATE it when things refuse to get better even with all your hard work?
Don't you just HATE it when you are being judged or deprived because of your race or gender? 
Don't you just HATE it when you see people who are not half as gifted as you are, win all the awards and make all the money?
Don't you just HATE it when your good intentions are misinterpreted to mean bad?
Don't you just HATE it when you are wrongfully accused?
Don't you just HATE it when people around you are going through terrible things and you cannot do anything to help them?
Don't you just HATE it when your children start to act like they are from another planet?
Don't you just HATE it when you cannot afford the things you really need?
Don't you just HATE it when you pray and do good, but those that don't even care about God become successful?
Don't you just HATE it when good people die but the evil ones just keep on living? 
Don't you just HATE it when you labor to get things but others just make a phone call and they get all they want? 

I could go on and on and you will see the word HATE through the whole article. 
Truth is that everyone reading this can identify with more than five of the things I mentioned at once.

As painful and as negative as it might be, we all go through this particular emotion called HATE every other day but cannot openly admit it.

We carry a lot of HATE in our hearts without even realizing how BAD it is getting and growing.
Most of the time it’s not our fault, we may not admit that we HATE people but we can admit that we HATE the situation caused by these people. Bottom line is that there is HATE somewhere in there and there is no book, seminar, workshop or gathering that can remove it.

Only LOVE can conquer and eliminate HATE. Easier said than done right? RIGHT! It is one of the most difficult things to do. 

People think that LOVE is easy but when we look at our lives and the way we treat people, the things we say to people even when we know they are hurtful, the way we feel about people even when we smile to their faces, the way we betray people at the drop of a hat; we will all realize that LOVE is far from our hearts most of the time because HATE seems easier.

Is LOVE an easy thing to hold in your heart for everyone? NO!
Would it be the right feeling to have towards everyone? YES!
Where do I start?


Loving God has taught me tolerance, patience, kindness, compassion and forgiveness. It is not easy at all but my daily walk with him and a lot of practice has definitely changed me. You can never achieve LOVE on your own because it's not as easy as some motivational speakers make it out to be.

So start from the beginning and take baby steps because there is no shame in that.

LOVE GOD and the rest will start to fall into place.

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