Thursday, 16 March 2017


"In the spirit of the celebration of women, I want you to meet an amazing and inspiring AFRICAN woman Nneka. She contacted me and was wondering if I would profile her project. When she sent it to me I was blown away and reminded of the fact that no one can fully understand the beauty, strength and magic of the BLACK GIRL
ENJOY this article and the vibrant pictures"- Stella Damasus


As a Nigerian born, visiting Ghana for the very first time last December was an amazing experience for me. The series "beads and braids" was something I fell in love with while in Ghana. Every chance I had I was wearing different styles of traditional cornrow braids and I wanted the whole world to experience the beauty through me. 
The beads added a classic and traditional look, and I want everybody to know beads are still in style and always will be. I personally picked the hairstyle and brought back beads for each model. This series was to give New face models a platform because I just knew the world would love it.

Before I returned back to the US I already made sure I had my team ready for this project. I contacted Ferdinand Nyarko our photographer, Christiana Osawe our hairstylist,  Nneoma Nwaka Our makeup artist and also 5 different models, everybody was excited about the project, 2 weeks later Magic was created - Creative director Nneka. I (@africanjawn

Ijeoma Nawka (@ije0ma)
Arnell Banahene (@boojiea)
Tanayah Flores (@Say__nay)
Leah Reynolds (@slimsgoodies)
Alisara Tesyajantorn (@_alisara)
Nneka Ibeabuchi (@AfricanJawn)

Makeup artist
Nneoma Nwaka (@sk1nnyy)


Christiana Osawe (@touchedbytianaa)

Ferdinand Nyarko (@nyarko_photography )

Creative director
Nneka Ibeabuchi 


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