Saturday, 1 September 2012

Missing Children !!!

Three missing children have been found by Lamboginny say no to crime search team.
They got missing years before they became adults and all the addresses they last lived with their families have been traced. Unfortunately their  families have moved now and  nobody can reach them.
The families of these boys do not even know if their sons are alive or dead.
Please help us pass this until we can reach their families. They are all safe and sound but if you have any information that can help, please contact:  08120776757, 08067626330,  
Twitter @lamboginnysntc      

Names of missing children are:

Name: Omokhinovo Okwonikoh.
Home town: Kokori, Wori Deltal State.
Age: 20yrs old.
His the first child of two.
Last saw his family in 2011.

Name: Emmanuel Joseph Alabi
Father's Home town: Ilorin
Mother's home town: Anambra
Age: 18yrs old.
His the first child of six.
Last saw his family in 2010.

Name: Emmanuel Benedit
Home town: Oposi, Anambra
Age: 19yrs old.
His the 4th child of seven.
Brothers name: Samuel Emmanuel
Last saw his family in 2009

They were picked up in Ajah, Lagos years ago.
Please help these children who want to see their families.
God bless you


  1. k thanks for the concern my role model

  2. Kidnapping is a very serious charge, and can be very difficult to solve. However, when a person takes a child over state lines, things can become even worse. When someone kidnaps a child, the police department in the state where the kidnapping happened is in charge of the investigation. The state where the abduction happened is the state that heads up the investigation. The police from that particular state attempt to find the child that has disappeared. If a person is found to have kidnapped a child, it is also the state that will punish them for this action. missing child