Saturday, 9 May 2015

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Today is my mother’s birthday and just as every child would say, she means the world to me. I mean, really...she means the world. It's her special so I have decided to share with you why this woman is so special.

I call her the Amazon Queen, the original Boss Lady. She is a  beautiful, strong, brave, confident and intelligent African woman who has so much confidence in herself that it distilled down to her children. She is the most amazing woman I know and trust me, it is difficult to top all the qualities she possess. She is a woman who loves family and has taught all her children that after God, family is the most important thing in the World!

Through the years, my mother has done her best to make sure everybody remains connected no matter how far or how separated some of us have been. From cousins to extended family, nieces to nephews and long forgotten relatives, she knows and remembers everybody.
 I like to call her 'my personal reminder'! Yes, weird but true. At her age, she still remembers everyone's birthdays, wedding anniversaries and special dates, no matter where or who the person. I am horrible with dates but my mum has always been there as my reminder.

Her love for God is so unbelievable! Even when things got tough, she never lost her love for God. From the loss of her only son, to the loss of her husband, she still held on to God. Even now as she lives miles away from her children and family scattered all over the world, she has her eyes fixed on God as her number one priority.

I am blessed and very fortunate to have her as my mother and to have learnt so much from her. She taught me to always have confidence and to believe in myself but most importantly to remind myself everyday that I am worth it. She taught me to be a real woman. A woman who can achieve whatever she sets her heart to. A person who can be the ideal woman described in Proverbs 31and that if I wanted to have a career and a family at the same time I could achieve it if I put my heart to it.
My mother has supported me for so many years, through the high and the lows, the storms and peace, the sleepless nights, the times of laughter, times of celebration, times of depression that I almost gave up on life and the days when I would be so angry with the world. She was also there to rejoice with me through my victories and successes, my achievements and laughters.

There were times I suspected that my mother had cameras set up in my house because she just seemed to know the exact time to call and the right words to say to me in that moment. I know better now. She didn't have any cameras...Hahaha!! Its a mothers intuition. The divinely given instincts to know when to step in to guide your children. No matter how well I think I can act, the moment she hears my voice, even while laughing she could hear through the laughter and she would say ‘Now tell me, what is really wrong? Lets talk’.

When I was a kid, I was always so proud to have her speak around my friends, I loved it because she spoke so well. Jesus! Trust me...This woman can speak english to save Africa! She brought up her children like she lived in England, never wanting us to mispronounce ‘TH’, never wanting us to put ‘H’ were it wasn’t supposed to be or miss the ‘H’ were it was supposed to be.

Because we were girls she knew the world was not very friendly to the female gender and so as the strong amazon queen that she has always been she raised her daughters to be tough, to act like ladies but think like men. She raised her daughters to dominate their sphere wherever they were, whatever jobs or businesses they took on and to be strong,  tough and wise but also to be calm and to be sweet the way women were supposed to be. Most importantly she taught us to be good mothers and raised us to love our children and make our children our best friend, just as she was a great mother and best friend to us.

I could go and on but all I really want to do is just thank God today for her life, for her strength, for giving me such a gift and a blessing as my mum.

I love you so much mummy. Happy Birthday!

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