Wednesday 24 June 2015

The Ideal World

Sometimes you watch tv and see people like BeyoncĂ©, Carrie Underwood, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence e.t.c, who are known all over the world as the best in their field and their names will go down in the history of entertainment for generations to come. Some of them are on the walk of fame, while others have received different awards and by the grace of God when they are older and become legends they will eventually receive a lifetime achievement or recognition awards. 

I wonder how the rest of us feel about this in our chosen fields? How many of us believe that we will ever get to that point where we will be recognized as the best and even celebrated for it all over the world?
  • Will I ever have my name In The walk of fame, Guinness book of records, the oscars, Grammy, or even the best engineer, best designer, best innovator, best author or best anything I have chosen to be?
  • Do we ever feel that we are getting there or do we just accept the fact that we will be successful, make money and grow? 
  • How about being the best and working everyday to achieve that?
  • How about spending time learning, training, practicing everyday to get better and become the best?
  • How about spending time with God and asking for wisdom, blessing, grace, strength and all it will take to get there?
  • How about waking up every morning and reminding yourself that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best?
I look at my children and it amazes me how confident they are in the fact that they will get to the greatest heights. Sometimes I think it's because they are young and don't fully understand the challenges of the world and how hard it can be to be the best out of millions of people. 

"Do they remember that being women, black women for that matter; is already an issue to deal with?”

However when I mention it to them they aren’t moved by the revelation of who they already know they are but instead they tell me that doesn’t phase them and remind me that if some other people can do it then why not them.

They probably don't know how much they teach and inspire me each day. 

The children are the ones who trust fully, love unconditionally, believe totally, which is the way God intended for his children to be. I guess that's why the bible says unless we become like children we cannot see the kingdom of God. 
I have to recondition my mind daily to think, feel and sometimes even act like my children so I can see the world the way they see it. Their world is a much happier, more exciting and kind place and I wish we could all go back to that. In this world there is no room for judging, gossip, backbiting and deception. This is the world my children live in and they are so happy there. Do I really want to force them to see the world the way the adults see it? Hmmm very dicey.
If I don't then I am worried they will not know how to handle challenges in the real world. If I do then I am introducing them to the hostile, wicked, evil and angry world we have created for them. 

There is no self help book that can solve these problems. Only God and his real intentions for the world can resolve all of this. 

So do I choose to act, feel and think like my children as regards being the best? YES. 

I choose YES because I will be the best. 

What about you?

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  1. The mind of children can never be undermined. They see a clearer path than adults do. It amazes me how my 5year old believes he can do anything he desires, and yes, i'd say why won't he, when God's word confirms it in the book of Philippians 4:13 'I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me'. For them to be conscious of an inner strength without fully having the big picture of understanding (which God has painted to mankind through apostles of old) is sure a non-slippery foundation of confidence. But parents have to be vigilant enough to help them nurture this great gift of confidence.