Wednesday 25 May 2016

20 Best Kept Secrets For Successful Leadership

After studying 10 of the most successful leaders in the world, I have found some helpful tools they all use that have worked and given them the success that we all strive to achieve. 

Leaders are born but we can also attest to the fact that leaders can be made. 
You could be a Manager, President, Business Owner, Father, Mother, Pastor, Principal, Teacher etc, as long as you lead people you will need certain strategies to help you.

1. Your output depends on your team
2. Your success is mostly based on loyalty of your staff
3. Compensation is a necessary tool
4. Give them individual projects to make them feel worthy
5. Pay attention to their ideas
6. Ask for their opinions
7. Compliments and appreciation are important
8. Personal text and calls to ask after their family is important once in a while
9. Learn to delegate

10. Send them out on retreats/seminars and training
11. Your staff also require regular encouragement
12. Send them jokes to make them laugh once in a while

13. Settle disputes without letting others know
14. Ask each one to look out for and support the others
15. Don't be afraid to tell them you don't know it all and you can't do it all.
16. Visit your staff when they are in the hospital.
17. Pray with them in the morning and ask for their needs to be met.
18. Give awards from time to time to encourage hard work and consistency
19. Buy lunch for all at least once a month.

20. Be firm but smile as often as you can.

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