Thursday 23 June 2016


Have you ever wondered why people EASILY misunderstand you no matter how hard you try to get it right or impress them?

If your answer is yes then you are lot like me and this article is for you. But if your answer is no, then please forward this article to anyone who fits the description. 

Some of us are a bit confused about our personalities and why people just DON'T GET US.

Well, after searching for answers and studying human behavior for some years, I finally came to the realization that I am very different, very rare and grossly misunderstood because of my very uncommon personality type. So uncommon that only about 8%  of the world population are like this as of this year. 

My search for answers brought me to this personality type known as AMBIVERT.
When I saw the word I knew it would be dangerous to assume I knew what it meant, so I studied further and found my answer.

I am pretty sure that a lot of us know the meaning of the words Introvert and Extrovert.
The most common way to identify an introvert is by looking  out for those who are reserved, quiet, more comfortable alone, prefers to be indoors, does not socialize much, works better alone etc.
Extroverts are described as those who are outgoing, expressive, interactive, bold, social minded, loves to express openly.

Ambiverts on the other hand are those who display both extrovert and introvert tendencies depending on the situation at hand.
People like this are conflicted emotionally because they have two sides to their personalities. They might take longer to make decisions but most importantly, they change their minds more often than others. This is not because they want to hurt anyone or cause problems but because they may respond to you based on the present circumstance but change their minds when they consider other personal factors. 

Ambiverts may not have a problem speaking to a large crowd or marketing a product to executives, but they may have panic attacks when they have to network, meet people and chat up old friends in a crowd.
It Sounds confusing because they appear bold and confident. Even though they are, there is an introverted side to their personality that makes them want to crawl back in their shell.

Most people don't have the full understanding of people like this, so if your spouse, child, friend, colleague, boss or acquaintance is an AMBIVERT you need to identify it. Then you will have to understand them before you can successfully deal with them. If you are not able to do that,  you may find yourself having major fights and issues with them.

Being an AMBIVERT myself has made me see life from two perspectives at the same time which we used to think was humanly impossible. It was also a myth that people like me have bipolar disorder or are cursed.

Contrary to that myth, ambiverts make the best sales agent, marketing director, public speakers, psychologists and therapists, teachers, parents and other types of jobs that are directly connected to people. 
We are totally normal and great people to have in any organization. Ambiverts are known to be emotionally intelligent and sensitive to others because they are able to understand and deal with the two personality extremes. 

I found some questions online that may help you determine if you are an AMBIVERT or not but before that lets look at the different types.

I came up with three types of AMBIVERTS based on the different levels of personalities:

- INTRO AMBIVERTS: those who have two personalities but more of the introverted .
- EXTRO AMBIVERTS: those who have two personalities but more of the extroverted
- AMBIVERT: those who are in the middle of the two personalities with equal levels. 

Are you an Ambivert?
Answer YES or NO to the questions below and find out:

1. I prefer spending time with one or two friends instead of a group
2. I'd rather express my ideas in writing
3. I prefer deep conversations to small talk
4. I am told that I am a good listener
5. I avoid conflict
6. I don't like showing my work till perfect
7. I work best on my own
8. I don't feel like being called in on lessons
9. I feel drained after spending time with friends even when I have fun
10. I'd rather celebrate with a few friends than a huge party
11. I am usually not a big risk taker
12. I can dive into a project, practice a sport or instrument, or engage in something creative for hours  at at time, without getting bored
13. I tend to think before I speak
14. I'd rather text or email than talk on the phone with someone I don't know very well
15. I don't feel totally comfortable being the center of attention
16. I usually like asking questions more than I like answering them
17. People often describe me as shy or soft spoken
18. I prefer a weekend with absolutely nothing to do to one with schedules

To find out if you are an Ambivert or not, send an email to with your results (How many Yes's or No's you got)

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  2. Interesting..! Never knew such a personality type existed till U mentioned it.

  3. I am glad I stopped by ☺. I have always thought I was an introvert because I didn't know the word like Ambivert existed. But I have done the Ambivert test and await patiently...

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  5. Yes! I'm an ambivert. Finally a word for it

  6. About 5 years ago I learnt a little about ambiverts in a psychology class I had for a semester and was convinced I am one. Shortly after wards I forget all about the personality type and revert believing I am introverted. Then I read this and with how u shed so much light on it,I am here wondering what I was doing all along thinking I am who I am not. I am super glad I read this. Thank you.

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  8. This makes so much sense. Thanks for posting. (Endale Edith)

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