Thursday, 28 July 2016


I was looking through my YouTube channel at the beginning of  the week, just to see what changes I can make and how I can improve the content on my channel. Doing this once in a while really helps me know how far I have come and where I want to be. 

As I was scrolling through, I found one of my favorite episodes of STELLA DAMASUS DIARIES. This particular episode resonates with so many women especially wives who have similar stories.
There are a lot of women out there who are struggling with their decisions, identity, responsibilities and purpose. 

Some think that as a stay at home mum, they have lost out on life and their dreams. 
Sometimes, they feel like their lives are wasting away because they are not out there doing what they believe they are supposed to do, and this hurts their marriages because they tend to take out this frustration on their husbands who appear to be living their dreams.

This episode, as far as I am concerned, is my own point of view as regards being a stay at home mum.
One thing that we have to understand is that the term HOUSE WIFE sounds derogatory to a lot of women.

So I came up with a better name and description for them.

Please watch the video and share.

STELLA DAMASUS DIARIES - Episode 7 “Home Managers”


  1. In my opinion the family unit is firstly important before we start prioritising other things. Once we have brought a child into the world, the child come first. Yes he or she needs to eat, but he or she needs to be looked after as well through supervision etc. Therefore whether it's the man that's working and the woman stay home or the woman works and the man stay home (yes there are some men that do this and no they are not lazy and not without vision, they are men doing what's best for their family within a given time) or both work and make other arrangements for their kids, the most important thing is that your children are well looked after and as a family you have agreed on the best way to look after and take care of your family.

    Every family's circumstance and situations are different and no man or woman should be comparing his or her family to the next.

    Because one woman choose to work and the other stay at home is not a reason for one to think she is better than the other. It's ignorance that makes one say the other is of little importance just bcoz she has chosen to stay home.

    Being a housewife or a stay at home mum does not make you less intelligent and neither reduce your self worth. Just the same way going to work does not make you any more intelligent or increase your self worth... It is about how we see ourselves really.

    With that said I just want to add that when one looks into the bible and considers the proverbs 31 woman, this woman was not just mum, wife etc, she was super industrious. Industrious does not mean building a career, it means making money. If you can work from home while looking after your kids please go right ahead. In this time and age there's plenty opportunity to do so...U just have to find your own path.

    I know women who stayed at home for a few years and once their kids were old enough according to their judgement, they joined the workforce again. They may not have started at the same level as some others, but hey in a matter of a year I know one who moved up, so really all hope it's not lost. Others I know came out full frontal with their own businesses and they are thriving.

    The point is for every woman who made that decision to stay home and look after your kids you have done well. Coz believe there are some women wishing they could do the same but financial circumstances won't let them. So for some they wish they were in your shoes. It's not every one that goes to work that is happy, let's not kid ourselves. Most people in the rat race want to get out! So housewife, stay at home mum... Please be industrious while at home, be creative and show the world you've got skills.

  2. Great article cuz. Some women would love to trade places but they dont have the choice. Its just for a season. Ive been there and enjoyed it. Nobody can love your children the way you do.

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